Thursday, October 27, 2011

Creating partnerships!

Dear friends, supporters and well-wishers of Shalom!
Welcome to our current updates about Shalom and Juliet's friend raise and fundraiser UK tour for the project, which is well explained below!

PROJECT SHALOM- UGANDA ( Formerly Shalom Ministires)
in partnership with
(a UK Registered Charity)

The transformation of orphans, vulnerable children and other
dispossessed  young  people  into  responsible,  upright  and
God loving citizens, through Christ’s practical love and care.
To facilitate a holistic child development through fostering and
caring for orphans and vulnerable children.
Location: Jinja, Eastern Uganda    Started: 2002
Activities: A children’s Home  for 24 children with another 40
children and young people fostered in the community.
Provision of medical care, counseling and moral guidance.
Pray: for the children and staff
Give: to the work, either one-off or regular gifts
Visit: come and visit, see for yourself and help.
Founding Director: Juliet Nasuuna Mukisa
PO Box 1019, Jinja, Uganda
UK tel: +44 79 99 751504 / UG tel: +256 702 344 251 
email: or
UK Contact:
Project Shalom Trust Treasurer: Roger Taylor
tel: +44 1628 473086 / +44 7880 553 247 
This is the photo we used for the flyers and the DVD.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vision Shalom

Shalom Vision 
       Transformation of Orphans, vulnerable children and other dispossessed young people into Responsible, upright and God loving citizens through Christ’s practical love and care.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Brian 2006
       Brian is a total orphan. Both parents died of HIV/Aids. Brian was left in the custody of his grandmother who is extremely poor and old living a slum area where the boy was abused by alcoholic behaviors. It was thought that Brian had HIV but well enough after we tested him he was HIV free but though he had a very bad skin disease. The young boy was affected and disoriented in every way.
Brian 2011
         Brian was brought to Shalom home and treated of the skill and eye problems which he suffered badly with. He looks healthier now and goes to School, interestingly, Brian is always the best in class. What a joy to see such a bright boy rescued. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hope Onen

Hope in 2005
     Onen was abandoned, neglected and dumped by his mother who   said she did not know Onen's father. 
     Out of a slum with no hope at all, the boy was rescued by Shalom ministries from starvation and yellow fever which almost killed him. 
Hope in 2011

A new name was given to Onen and he is called “Hope Onen”. He is a clever boy going to school and growing healthily.

Anette's story

Annette in 2005

Annette was 5 years old and taking care of her mother who had HIV/ Aids in its advanced stages

We intervened and took them both for medical check-ups where Annette too was found infected with HIV. We put them on ARV treatment.
Annette in 2011

Now Annette is growing okay and she goes to School. It is a great joy to see Annette saved out of danger.

Few activities with the kids

During the holidays we do organize some activities for the kids. Some of  the kids are having the relatives who are still alive so we give them a chance to spend some days with them too. 
But most of the kids are staying in Shalom. They love to draw, paint, play games and do other kind of craft as you can see on the pictures below.


We try our best to give them   many opportunities that  they can develop their skills.

Our struggle is...

We run a home which is to serve as a model home for the foster homes.
Due to inflation, we struggle to cover the costs of living and Shalom depends on donor funds 100%.

Schooling fees increment which puts further pressure on our finances. 
Provision of anything other than the basic nutritional needs of the children is becoming very difficult.

However we trust God that He will find the way we are hoping for which is setting up sustainability and income generating projects such as free range poultry farming, animal husbandry, food and vegetables cultivation, fruits etc.